mathcentre Crowdsourced video captions

What is this?

This is an ongoing project, started in July 2020, with the aim of providing English captions to videos hosted on the mathcentre website.

Can I use the captions yet?

We have auto-generated captions for many of the videos already but these need to be corrected. You can use the mathcentre videos with auto-generated captions at your own risk. If you search for videos on the mathcentre website you will only see these in the results if you have set the search to include resources for staff, as well as students.

Help us add to this resource

Can you help correct the captions?

Yes! Although in some cases you might need to have a certain level of mathematical knowledge to make the corrections. If you correct a caption file then please only mark it as ready for students if you are sure about all of the corrections. If you need advice you should contact You can also email this address if you want more information about the project.

How do I help?

The caption files are hosted on a site called Amara, the videos played on Amara remain hosted on mathcentre. Before having a go please watch the short Introduction to the Amara editor video at this link.

  1. Select a video to work on: We suggest that you work on a video you need for your own teaching and maths support purposes. If someone is already working on that video then it would be a good idea to contact them and see how you can help. The status of each video is recorded in the project status spreadsheet below. If you are working on a video please update the status spreadsheet
  2. Locate the video you wish to work on in the list at mathcentre videos with auto-generated captions and follow the link.
  3. You can play the video with the current captions on Amara. To edit the captions you need to click on English [en] under Completed subtitles and then on the Edit Subtitles button
  4. Make edits and save them... Do not worry if it goes wrong, we can undo changes if needed and we will be alerted to edits so we can see if something bad has happened!

Project status

Please record status updates in the below spreadsheet.