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Further reading

Learning Modes

Another test for learning mode preference and advice for learning, written by Catherine Jester and adapted for the web by Suzanne Miller, both of Diablo Valley College

    Some of the research into learning modes:
  • Fleming, N.D. and Mills, C. (1992), Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection, To Improve the Academy, Vol. 11, 1992., page 137.
  • Chamberlin, M. and Powers, R. (2010), The promise of differentiated instruction for enhancing the mathematical understandings of college students, Teaching Mathematics Applications Vol. 29 (3), 2010., pages 113-139

Thinking Styles

The test used for thinking styles on this site, along with further information and advice on the Felder-Silverman model.

    Some of the research into thinking styles:
  • Felder, R. M. and Silverman, L.K. (1988), Learning and Teaching Styles in Engineering Education Engr. Education, Vol. 78 (7), 1988, pages 674-681
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  • Other research by Richard Felder