4 Repeating environments

Sometimes I would like to repeat a definition from earlier and have it numbered the same. This now works as expected in all formats including the numbering of the environment. However, the numbering of things inside the environment will probably be wrong so take care. Tell us if this is important to you as it is low priority at the moment.

Inbuilt using own numbering

Theorem 2.1: (Foo)

This is a theorem environment already provided by Bookdown. It still works as before.

Inbuilt using other inbuilt numbering

Proposition 2.2: (Thingy we need for 2.1)

However, in this system you can now

  • Change the numbering system of the inbuilt environments - this is done in the file _bookdown.yml. Please see the file in the same folder as this file.
  • Reference other environments within names. Notice that you need to use a double backslash.

Newtheorem using other inbuilt numbering

Definitions 2.2:

You can create new numbered theorem types. Unlike inbuilt environments, for them to be numbered in all formats they must have a label. If you forget then they won’t be numbered in any format except for PDF and then your numbering won’t match. I might try and fix this at some point. You can number them alone or with other inbuilt or newtheorem environments.

You need to have predefined the type, the numbering and made any changes to the standard print style in the file _bookdown.yml. Please see the file in the same folder as this file.

Take care not to reuse the inbuilt numbering labels with your new theorems! This will lead to odd things happening. The inbuilt labels to avoid are: thm, lem, cor, prp, cnj, def, exm, exr, fig, tab and eq.

I still need to test the other combinations. Please tell me if it is broken.